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A nice and challenging rhythm game with very good graphics
Guest — 2 years ago
The game is fun, I've been playing it for like 6 months, it's adictive yes, but after a while you will just put it apart and play something else.Well, some pros are: - addictive - 4 different styles to play - several inbuilt mods to make your life a lot harder (seriously harder, not joking) - I barely saw a bug in 6 months (even in beta version) - free to play - spactate feature - its really beautiful and nice, does not have a heavy interface, simple, elegant - online rank - does not requires internet connection to be played - several chats where you can talk: there is the announcement chat, the chat where peppy (the dev of the game writes), each country has it's own chat and private chat - you can make your own beatmapCons: - you need to pay (donate) to have the supporters profile, which allows you do download a beatmap without leaving the game for example or auto downloading when spectating some1 - not competitive: you can't play against a random player, the maximum you can do is play against your friends on the game - higer levels are impossible to play, you need almost a year to be able to play a beatmap with 4 stars (stars are the level of the song,the game can have up to 10 stars) - a lot of beatmaps are made with anime songs (meaning japanese/korean songs) - you will be always going to osu.ppy.sh to download beatmaps, which will increase the space the game needs to save them. I have a friend that his OSU folder has 15GB!! keep in mind the game it self only has around 300MB... a single beatmap (with video) can have around 20MB... (20MB for 3-4 minutes of playing is a lot for me)I recommend this game, really, but his lack on competivity...
brokenlizard — 9 years ago
Great rhythm game.
Guest — 9 years ago
it's really fun ^^
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The game scores you: the better you sing, the more points you get.
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