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osu! is an addictive rhythm game where you use a mouse to click on "beats"
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osu! is a rhythm game that can be played both online and offline. You only need a mouse in order to play this addictive game. You have to click on the "beats" that appear on the screen while the selected song is playing. There are three types of "beats" that you can click on: hit circles, sliders (click and hold the left mouse button and follow the ball) and spinners (quickly move the mouse in circles). During a song you will have to click on them before the health bar empties or you will lose. This game is not exactly easy to play. It requires your full attention and dexterity if you want to get a high score (or, if you are like me, barely go through one song).

After you launch the game for the first time, it is highly recommended to go through the tutorial (in fact, it's the only "song" available) so that you get used to the controls in a low speed. In order to get more "beatmaps" you have to log in your account and download the songs you want out of hundreds of available ones.

Besides being addictive and fun to play, this game offers you the possibility to compete with other users. You can see the online ranking lists and, if you are a competitive person, you will lose countless hours trying to become one of the best players. You can improve your online ranking in three modes: in solo mode, in multiplayer mode (cooperative and competitive) or in special, non-standard osu! play mode.

If you don't like or you are bored of the standard visual style, this game offers you the possibility to download several skins with the help of the osu! updater. Select the desired skin and it will be automatically downloaded.

To sum it all up, this is a highly addictive rhythm game that will make you lose countless hours in front of your computer trying to become one of the best of its players.

Tyler Vidd
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