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Free A nice and challenging rhythm game with very good graphics
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Dean Herbert
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osu! is a free online skill game in which you need to match circles, slide balls along a track, and spin a circle as fast as you can. This is not as simple as it may seem. First, the circles, balls, and spinners appear randomly on the screen, and their speed depends on pre-selected music tunes. You can choose the tune you want to use in your game. Each tune has different difficulty levels that can go from Easy (lowest) to Insane (highest). Don't let the word "easy" fool you. The game is rather challenging even in its easier levels. To get you started, the application includes a tutorial that walks you through the gameplay.

Once you feel ready, you can choose among several songs, most of which are techno music or pop songs by emerging artists. This makes the game very pleasant to play while listening to good music. Also, the graphics are very good. The aesthetics of the entire game are totally Japanese, Manga-style, which will appeal otakus and those interested in Japanese pop culture.

The game is also highly customizable. You can choose among several skins, create your own beat maps, select the songs to play with, and so on. The game is also multi-language, so you don't have to worry if you don't speak English. You can simply go to Settings and choose your language among those available. Also, you can play solo (which is highly recommended to get familiarized with the game) or compete online against other players.

In sum, it is a fun, entertaining and challenging game. If you like electro and pop music, skill games, and Manga-style graphics, this game is definitely for you.

VH Senior editor
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  • It is highly customizable
  • Its graphics are very pleasant
  • In has different levels of difficulty
  • You can play against players from around the world


  • It is not very easy to play
  • You need to have good motor abilities to have a chance to win

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rating sora
Very nice!!!

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The game is fun, I've been playing it for like 6 months, it's adictive yes, but after a while you will just put it apart and play something else.

Well, some pros are:
- addictive
- 4 different styles to play
- several inbuilt mods to make your life a lot harder (seriously harder, not joking)
- I barely saw a bug in 6 months (even in beta version)
- free to play
- spactate feature
- its really beautiful and nice, does not have a heavy interface, simple, elegant
- online rank
- does not requires internet connection to be played
- several chats where you can talk: there is the announcement chat, the chat where peppy (the dev of the game writes), each country has it's own chat and private chat
- you can make your own beatmap

- you need to pay (donate) to have the supporters profile, which allows you do download a beatmap without leaving the game for example or auto downloading when spectating some1
- not competitive: you can't play against a random player, the maximum you can do is play against your friends on the game
- higer levels are impossible to play, you need almost a year to be able to play a beatmap with 4 stars (stars are the level of the song,the game can have up to 10 stars)
- a lot of beatmaps are made with anime songs (meaning japanese/korean songs)
- you will be always going to osu.ppy.sh to download beatmaps, which will increase the space the game needs to save them. I have a friend that his OSU folder has 15GB!! keep in mind the game it self only has around 300MB... a single beatmap (with video) can have around 20MB... (20MB for 3-4 minutes of playing is a lot for me)

I recommend this game, really, but his lack on competivity...

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Great rhythm game.

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